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We are a collaboration of health, movement, mind and emotional coaches all passionate about enabling you to get the most from your life. Enhance your physical, mental and emotional world – be free, be you!

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profile picture jp
John 'JP' Polley - Founder of be free, movement coach andtherapist, educator and mentor

JP is the owner of be free in North Beach, movement coach and therapist, educator, author and mentor. As a movement coach and therapist, he specialises in helping people move as effectively as possible. His mantra is “train or treat the human being, not the human body”. He works with everyone from professional athletes through to those with extreme limitation. As an educator, JP has delivered sessions at conferences across Australia and New Zealand, as well as workshops nationally and internationally. He is also an author and ambassador for PTA Global, and a master coach for Eye Fitness and PT Academy. As a mentor, he offers guidance to health and fitness professionals in person and online, to help them grow their business and more importantly, themselves. JP is passionate about movement, the whole person approach to coaching people and brings in fun and creative methods to enhance his work.


BA Honours (Sociology)
Diploma in Personal Training
Certificate in Sports Massage
THUMP Boxing Certificate
Certificate in Postural Analysis
OD on Movement Mentorship
PTA Global Bridging Course
ViPR Master Trainer
Power Plate National Trainer
Institute of Motion Mentorship
Sandbell Master Coach
freeFORM board Master Coach
Throwdown Master Coach

shar clements - movement coach

Shar has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Her career has involved roles such as Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Bodybuilding Competitor and Triathlon Coach. These days Shar enjoys keeping fit and healthy while raising her three children and believes that anything is possible if you get up, show up and never give up. She is excited to be continuing her fitness journey with be free and brings her passion of traditional and functional training with her. Shar views personal training with a holistic approach focusing on training the human being not just the human body. Shar's mission is to assist and empower you to achieve your goals; helping you to be happier and healthier.  Life is meant to be lived.


Cert III in Fitness
Cert IV in Personal Training
Fascia: Optimising Movement Performance - John Polley
Sandbell Training Certificate
Motion, Forces, Tissue & Emotion - Ian O'Dwyer
Current First Aid certificate
Mentorship with JP

hannah bennett - movement coach

Hannah has been coaching fitness, and specifically martial arts, for over 20 years. Having been lucky enough to live in many different parts of the world, she spent her formative years working out exactly how many different ways you can climb, jump or fall off pretty much anything. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with health issues that meant a fit and strong way of life suddenly changed to one experiencing chronic pain and severely restricted mobility on a daily basis. Frustrated with the prognosis on her quality of life, Hannah set out to see just how far she could be rehabilitated.  A transition from traditional training methods to a more functional style ensued. This resulted in a Movement Coach with both empathy and passion for helping people to be the best they can. Driven to help people move and feel better, she believes that there is a form of exercise out there for everyone.


BSc Psychology
Cert III in Fitness
Cert IV in Personal Training
Master Trainer
PTA Behaviour Change in Exercise
Sandbell Training Certificate
Punchfit Qualified Trainer
Pregnancy and post natal exercise qualified Trainer
Mentorship with JP
Advanced First Aid and CPR
Fitness Australia Registered

franca carrera - health coach

My name is Franca and I am a qualified Health Coach through IIN. It was through my own 19 year battle with eating disorders, adrenal fatigue and just a general discontentment with who I was that lead me on the journey of health, spirituality, connection and nutrition. The way I coach is very unique to each client, yet I always lead with the heart - knowing that the true essence of the heart is the key to peace, joy, calm, happiness and connection to oneself. Each client is welcomed and nurtured, leaving with simple and practical ways to overcome addictions, disordered eating, stress and weight issues.


Health Coach graduate from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN)
Reiki Usui Level 1
Reiki Tummo Healer
Open Heart Meditation Guide
Walking meditation instructor (in training)

neil urry - yoga instructor and retreat organiser

Neil has been involved in yoga for the past 14 years and has been amazed at the impact that it had on his life both on a physical and mental level. Having spent 20 years working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Club Manager it seemed that the transition into yoga teaching was a natural progression. He has been able to incorporate much of what he has learned from working in the fitness industry and apply it to yoga, allowing him to offer a safe, effective and fun style of practice. Having branched out on his own in September 2007, Neil  has not looked back and now finds himself teaching all round Perth at gyms, yoga schools, private clients and with corporate groups.


Certificate in Yogic Science
Sivananda Yoga Teacher
FSMT Massage Therapist
Diploma in Kinesiology
Fitness Instructor

laura bindi - remedial massage therapist and movement coach

Laura has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years. In this time she has developed a wide range of health and wellness programs for a variety of clientele. Her movement coaching and remedial massage approaches will always embody the whole picture, addressing each aspect of the client’s life to reach their goals in a well balanced way.
Laura loves to train and treat everyone but her passion is now working with children and adults with special needs, specifically those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Currently Laura trains people and children of all ages, shapes and sizes. Through her personal journey, she has a great conviction that helping families that face so many difficulties is her calling, to make the world a little bit better through health, happiness and awareness.


Cert IV in Personal Training
Cert IV in Sports Massage
Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy
PTA global effective movement trainer
UWA paediatric rehabilitation course
Care through fitness autism training course
Senior First Aid

erin sturch - physiotherapist

Erin is a physiotherapist, kinesiologist and physical educator. Being Canadian, Erin began her physio career in Canada and has experience in cardiorespiratory, neuromuscular and orthopedic physiotherapy. For most of her career Erin has focused on sports physiotherapy. She has worked with a number of elite athletes from various sporting backgrounds around the globe, including the Canadian Nordic Ski team. Erin is excited to provide you with whatever physio services you may require and is dedicated to spending however much time is needed to get you better; bringing quality and focus to your physiotherapy experience.


MSc PT (Physiotherapy)
BSc Kinesiology and Physical Education
APA Sports, Level 1
AA1 Foundations of Anatomical Acupuncture
Therapeutic taping (Part 1) 


Tully has a deep passion for helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. He started working as a Physiotherapist six years ago and has since delved deep into understanding everything that affects people’s wellbeing. After investing time and money exploring the areas of human movement, nutrition, mindset, leadership development and peak performance, he found himself exploring the importance of emotional wellbeing and how our unconscious emotional patterns drives our behaviour and therefore have affect a big effect on our wellbeing.
For the past two years, Tully has been expanding his knowledge and skill set in Rose Tantra. Known for his down-to-earth approach, Tully speaks about complex intimate issues with ease, clarity and humour. In his sessions, Tully helps people drop out of their busy overwhelmed head. He creates space and uses a unique combination of coaching bodywork to help people feel, express and release suppressed emotions so they can identify with what is really holding them back with their relationships and work life, allowing them to step into themselves in a powerful way.


Bachelor of Science – Physiotherapy
Self Mastery, Team Mastery and Lead The Move Speakers Training with Young and Wildly Successful
Amplified Leadership Training with David Wood
Train the Trainer with David Wood – Speaking and Facilitating
Multiple workshops and Kundalini-Rose Tantra Practitioner Training with the Eliyah