Our philosophy

It’s all in the name. What we want is for you to be free from what holds you back; be free to do what you want to do; be free, be you. That’s our passionate intention.

There is no greater freedom than being yourself. It’s also the thing no one can do better than you can! Often, there are things that get in the way. Your body doesn’t function as well as you’d like, whether it be weakness, restriction, disease, physical fitness, poor diet, chronic condition, rehab, recovery from surgery or anything else limiting your potential. Your mind and emotions may not be where you’d like due to past, present, future, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, lack of information.

We’ve brought together uniquely skilled and experienced people to help with all these eventualities. Movement coaches to attend to all your physical improvements from physical fitness, to strength to lifelong goals or simply to live a full life. A movement therapist who uses a unique movement approach to help you overcome physical challenges. Our yoga instructor, to help free body and mind. A health coach, to examine all aspects of health and wellbeing to help you develop new and long lasting habits. And our remedial massage therapist, skilled in many areas to remove tension and nourish your tissues.

We work with the human being, not just the human body. And from an individual point of view, we meet you where you need to be met. We start where you are, whatever that means. And we guide you in the direction of where you want to be. And as you may have understood by now, whoever you work with, we have an awareness that it’s important to connect on a physical, mental and emotional level for best results.

We welcome anyone who is looking for genuine connection, help which is authentic to themselves and wanting change for the better, facing and overcoming the challenges that brings.